Sunday 10 May 2015

Rain in Dubai

Last two days, I was fighting with cold,  and sneezing a lot. I recover with spending whole weekend while sleeping.
Today, while driving to the office,  I was thinking what can I post for today.
The sky was dull,  the humid was high. I would say its gonna rain If wouldn't be in Dubai.
After all those years, there is still a chance to get surprised by the weather in Dubai. 
At lunch break I was looking table to sit outside thinking it will be warm but still I want to sit outside as much as I can. And here the surprise,  there was rain. 😀not rain like a rain but still table and chairs were get raindrops.
I had to take my lunch to the office. Here we have the view from our office pantry with clouds. The windows can not be opened because of the security reasons , only it give 10 cm gap. While I was holding my mobile in that gap the picture comes out tilted. I didn't want to correct it. 😀

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