Tuesday 16 June 2015

sunset at Dubai Marina

While I was quite, I had to arrange many things.
I moved out from my apartment, sold some furnitures and now I am settle in hotel apartment for couple of weeks. This is the view from the hotel. Again it is Marina but more slightly different from my regular angle from home :)

After 6.5 years in Dubai, it will be hard to leave from this city and friends but I decided to stop working for a while and travel. :)
I am going back to my home country, Turkey and start to travel from nearby cities first.

Slowly I hope to extend my travel to other countries. Cuba in November is already planned, I hope others will follow after Cuba visit.

I am leaving the country at the end of the June. I hope I could have more posts about Dubai. While I was struggle to post regularly, I admire Erik once again. How he handled blogging and moving was impressive.

There are many stuff out here in Dubai waiting to be photographed. I am glad that I photographed some of them and shared a bit of this city with you. Even it is not enough, some is always better than nothing. :)

Sunday 31 May 2015

Gurkan Genc

The guy with 60 kg loaded bicycle is +Gurkan Genc I have been following his journey last couple of months. When I heard his World Tour with bicycle, he had already completed almost 3 years. I started to follow him when he was in Jordan.  Afterwards he passed Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and finally UAE. I was wondering if he could able to come Dubai before my leave at the end of the June.

Finally yesterday, 993 day after the tour started, he arrived here.  I am so happy to meet with him and listen his experience on the way. 

The weather was too warm. warmer then recent days. He said he saw over 54 deg C yesterday. 

He is planning to complete the whole tour in 7 years. He intentionally planned to pass each country at the most difficult climate conditions. Northern countries in winter time, deserts are in summer time. It is challenging, isn't it?

In every country he is also giving inspirational presentations at high schools, and universities. He was so kind to give a presentation just after he finished 135 km from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. He will stay nearly 1 month in Dubai. There will be other organizations with local bicycle federation and organisations. This was just a simple welcoming among Turkish society. 
Please check the website for his amazing journey.

Thursday 28 May 2015

wind tower

yeah.. another wind tower from Bastakiya and small bird over there..

These wind towers were used to catch the wind and divert it into the house when there was no electricity and modern AC. the other name is "wind catcher"

Wednesday 27 May 2015

street from Bastakiya

I want to share street view from Bastakiya. It is like a maze. We have two wind towers here as well.

Tuesday 26 May 2015

XVA Art Hotel & Cafe

When I visit Bastakiya area, always i stopped at XVA Hotel & Cafe for refreshments and their delicious vegetarian foods.
Each time, you see different exhibition at gallery area, have different decoration at cafe area and unique small artistic items at their gift shop. I haven't checked their hotel area but for sure, that part also should be great. If I would be a tourist in Dubai, I would prefer to stay here instead of 5 stars Hotels in high rise buildings.

Monday 25 May 2015

Monday Mural - Bastakiya

I was not able to post regularly last two weeks. at first I had visitors, then I was busy again. Finally I am back with another mural by Ruben Sanchez. It is located in Al Bastakiya.  Al Bastakiya is one of oldest area in Dubai dates back to 1890s. You can see the short history from the wikipedia page.
From the first year i arrive in dubai, I always enjoy spending time at bastakiya. Each year its getting better and better. right now there are many local shops who are selling local art pieces, paints, jewellery, some small gifts. There are also some galleries.
I saw this mural on several post at Instagram and since then I was planning to go there and spent some time. It is not so close to where i live and work. when I have visitors, it was a good reason to go there and show them around. They also enjoyed If you are planning to visit Dubai, Al Bastakiya should be in your to do list. I may post more pictures from this area later. First here we have graffiti for Monday Mural please check other murals all around the world.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Metro station

Still busy with friends and being tourist in the city.

So we have one photo from last month.  I took this one at the way out metro via my mobile.