Sunday 31 May 2015

Gurkan Genc

The guy with 60 kg loaded bicycle is +Gurkan Genc I have been following his journey last couple of months. When I heard his World Tour with bicycle, he had already completed almost 3 years. I started to follow him when he was in Jordan.  Afterwards he passed Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and finally UAE. I was wondering if he could able to come Dubai before my leave at the end of the June.

Finally yesterday, 993 day after the tour started, he arrived here.  I am so happy to meet with him and listen his experience on the way. 

The weather was too warm. warmer then recent days. He said he saw over 54 deg C yesterday. 

He is planning to complete the whole tour in 7 years. He intentionally planned to pass each country at the most difficult climate conditions. Northern countries in winter time, deserts are in summer time. It is challenging, isn't it?

In every country he is also giving inspirational presentations at high schools, and universities. He was so kind to give a presentation just after he finished 135 km from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. He will stay nearly 1 month in Dubai. There will be other organizations with local bicycle federation and organisations. This was just a simple welcoming among Turkish society. 
Please check the website for his amazing journey.


  1. Gosh. What a sportsman! That is a LOOOOOOONG journey.
    I wish him all the best!
    Thanks for sharing.
    What a happy image you are showing today! Enjoy the rest of the weekend too.

  2. I admire his determination and his stamina. I can't traveling that way and in the worst of the weather conditions.