Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Q for the Queen & King

I know, the question is: hey where is the Queen?
hey they are "The Queen and The King"

These twin buildings are illuminated in evenings, when their lights are on, top of buildings remind me crown.
I couldn't think any picture for letter Q better than this one. 

The funny part, I had prepared my post for today. But at the last minute I realized after letter P there is letter Q before the Letter R. :)) so I had to think something Quickly to catch today's post. 

I think my busy mind counted letters in Turkish and jump to the R just after the P. Yes, in Turkish Alphabet we do not have Q. When I am so tired, my mind just works in Turkish, there are some times it doesn't work even in Turkish...


  1. You have amazing buildings and architecture in Dubai.
    Thinking in Turkish certainly makes life interesting.

    1. :) you are right, thinking in another language is makes everything interesting and funny.

  2. Very dramatic. They stand out well against the sky.

  3. Gorgeous buildings. Would love to see them lit up.

    abcw team

    1. Hi Leslie, Thank you,
      I should have it at night with lights on.
      I couldn't find it in my archive at that time. I can post it later for you. Cheers, - Feyza

    2. @Leslie, I posted another picture of these buildings at Blue hour with all lights are on.