Sunday 25 May 2014

on the way..

Today, I left my car at service and this time it will take min 1 day to be done. I stopped by for shopping and on the way back I took a taxi. When you are a passenger instead of a driver, city looks different. I noticed many things which I didn't before.

I took this picture on the E-311 high way. It was called " Emirates Road" earlier. starting from 2013 they renamed it. new name is now, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road. It could be easier for everybody if they would not change the name E611  road as well at the same time from "Dubai Bypass Road" to "Emirates Road" :)

getting direction from people is getting more difficult now,

A- You will take the Emirates Road, ok?
B - which one? the old emirates road or the new Emirates road?
A - how many Emirates Road is here?
B - only one, but earlier E311 was Emirates Road now E611
A - ???

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