Friday 28 November 2014

UAE flag is everywhere

Yesterday evening I went to Abu Dhabi for a concert called Bach Reloaded with percussion by Ukrainian pianist Alexey Botvinov and Turkish percussionist Burhan Ocal. I knew Burhan Ocal from Turkey, he is great on the stage. Also I had one CD of Bach with oriental touch That's why I had an idea how it would be. The concert was great, like how I was expected. But yesterday the decoration all around Abu Dhabi was really unexpected for me. this was my first Abu Dhabi visit just before National Day.

Here in Dubai we have also decoration everywhere, like this small fountain at our neighbourhood but comparing to the Capital city, this is nothing. Unfortunately I was driving in a hurry to catch the timing so I couldn't have a chance to take any pictures of all those lightened high-rise buildings.
I am planning to go to the Beach Mall tonight to see fire dancers and other activities for the celebration of National Day.
I heard many strange world record attempts for 43rd National Day in Dubai on the radio. I hope I can find some of those activities in these days.

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