Tuesday 18 November 2014

Global Villiage

Global Village  is located in Dubailand in Dubai. It is claimed that the world's largest tourism, entertainment project. It is the region's first festive area. Every year it has 6 million visitors according to the information on Wikipedia.

In this village there are different countries pavilion. In each Pavilion, there are some unique things to be displayed or on sale for visitors. some pavilions can also add event like traditional dance / show.

In different part of the park there are some concerts, entertainment shows. mostly is it opened beginning of November and will continue to open till end of March. It is open area so the weather has big say on visiting schedule.
It is very attractive for many local residents and also some tourists. I go there once in a year or once in every two years. :)

this picture is from my archive. This year I haven't visit the global village yet.


  1. Very colorful and inviting. It reminds me of the holiday carnivals that show up in many cities.