Sunday 28 September 2014

Spice Souk

This weekend, I decided to walk around like a tourist in Dubai.
I went to the creek. Parked my car somewhere and start to walk around. Mainly around spice souk and the creek at Deira part.

 I went spice souk about 6 years back, only when I was new in Dubai. Today once more I realized why I haven't been there all these years. : )

To be honest, spice souk in Dubai is not much interesting for me, maybe because I am familiar this from Istanbul. I prefer to spent my time at the Creek, taking a tour with abras, or watchig the port. These are really unique for me. (You can click on labels to see my previous posts about them)

Today, I want to share one picture from spice souk. you can find different type of spices like Iranian Safran, Cinnamon sticks, rose petals, and many more...

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