Monday 29 September 2014

Abra ride

second post from last weekend. I took this shot from the Deira part of the creek, at second floor of the parking garage.
the cost of the Abra ride is about 1 Dirhem. (1 USD is fixed to 3.65 AED) you can pass from Deira to Bur Dubai with cheapest price.

When ever I have visitor from outside Dubai, I bring them here to experience this. This is not exactly the most popular tourist thing, but if you want to see something different from 5 stars hotels or shiny malls, this is real touch of Dubai.
Passengers are mainly from Dubai residents and they are using Abras as a part of their daily routine, of course you will see some tourist as well. If you want full creek tour with Abra, you can rent it as well. In that case it will not be 1 Dirhem  :)


  1. Good capture, and that sounds like a good rate for the ride.