Tuesday 16 September 2014

marina at night

Finally I am back in Dubai now.

While I was arranging posts during leave, I didn't consider the day I return I would not have any chance to open my computer. so this is another lesson for the future.. i missed yesterday's post and catch today's one at last minute..

this is a view from one restaurant called Observatory on 52nd floor of one of hotels in Marina area. I like the view from here. i think it is a good place to have "welcome to Dubai" dinner or farewell dinners.. we were at farewell dinner for one of our colleagues at that time. another picture from archive. I hope starting this weekend, i will have a chance to take new pictures from Dubai..


  1. Oh wow, this is a gorgeous view. I have friends who are going to visit there next year. I'll have to make sure they put a dinner here on their list of things to do.