Thursday 1 January 2015

Time is...

I am happy to have new years or anniversaries just because they are good opportunities to have fun, and enjoyment with family & friends.

Most of people has new year resolutions. Such as
starting a new healthier diet, lose weight, exercise more, quit smoking, less alcohol, get rid of bad habits, to learn new language or new dance, to meet "the one"and live happily ever after, to improve career.. ect

Unfortunately most of them will be forgotten after couple of days or at most weeks. 

Time & calendar are created by human-being. They are good to organize our daily life but in Nature they are not much use of them.

Birds don't check the calender to decide migrant, They just fell it, it is the time.

Babies don't check the calendar to start talking or walking. They just do it, when they are ready..

Please do not wait till the beginning of the new year / or first day of the next month or the next Monday to start something you really want to do it.

I saw below quote on Facebook this year. When ever I see someone is depressed on Monday or postpone something for the next "beginning" I am repeating this to them also to myself time to time.

"there is no Monday in Nature"

Just do it once you fell that you are ready for it.

Happy new year to all of us.


  1. Happy New Year! Lovely thoughts to start the year.

    Let it be a good and creative year!
    Best wishes from Gunn in Stavanger.

  3. A funny photo and very wise thoughts.

  4. Super positive way to head into the new year, j'adore that lovely battered old clock :)