Sunday 4 January 2015

ready for departure?

It's the time for departure from Istanbul to Dubai.

I took this photo at Dubai International Airport.

In fact you can take better, far better pictures from this airport.

first of all taking pictures are not forbidden, of course not at the custom : )
secondly it has great architecture and the last one, many different nationalities walking around with their national dress..

I saw so many great pictures from terminal 1 & terminal 3

Sorry to disappoint you, I am not good at taking picture in this place. I am always in hurry to catch the flight on the way go, or extra tired from short trip on the way return to Dubai.


  1. I find myself wondering about the image of the man and woman- I'm assuming those are television screens.

    1. You are right William, they are TV screen. there are plenty of them, on the way to arrival you can see images about Dubai, on the way departure you see more advertisements
      This particular one was on screens quite a long time (couple of months maybe) if I remember well, it was about perfume.
      have a nice Sunday

  2. The airport looks very modern!