Tuesday, 17 March 2015

SZR , Sheikh Zayed Road

Today we have rain in Dubai. It is started at the evening time, I couldn't take fresh picture today,
But I have rainy Dubai picture in my archive. :)
This is SZR, Sheikh Zayed Road (E11). One of the main highway in Dubai. place to place it has 6 - 8 lanes when it is congested, all lanes may stopped. on the left you see Emirates Towers. I posted their picture this week in different angle.


  1. From the other photo I imagined they faced each other. Now, it seems they are a little far apart.

    1. Thank you Luiz,
      It is all about the angle.. they are apart from each other but not too much. they have connection at the base. I will try to find another angle to show them in more realistic way. :)

  2. Replies
    1. :)) that drop is on the windscreen
      thank you...

  3. Amazing shot Feyza.. I think your weather and our weather may be a bit similar? It's been 'trying' to rain here for days, so humid. Oh wow 6 lanes of traffic each way, that's crazy.. I thought our 4 lanes were bad enough :)

  4. It's always nice when rain comes to the desert.

  5. Rain is life, especially in your part of the world !