Tuesday 29 April 2014

Dubai International Airport - Terminal 1

I had a long weekend outside Dubai. I took this picture on Friday morning, at the Terminal 1 - Dubai International Airport. at that time, I was trying to catch my flight. This kiosk is dedicated for gold / jewellery. The Gold coloured palm is part of the interior decoration of the terminal 1.

I had prepared my posts for all days during my travel, but obviously I did something wrong while I was rushing. two posts were not able to published automatically. I hope I will not do the same mistake in future.


  1. You probably posted both in the schedule queue without doublechecking the dates. I've done it once, but caught it before the publication date came up.

    Interesting palm decor!

    1. Hi William,
      Next time I will double check it.
      the decor in the terminal is very interesting and has many opportunity for photography but I am always in hurry at departure and too tired at the arrival. thank you.

    2. What a gorgeous airport. I hope I can visit here one day.