Sunday 30 March 2014

falcon show

Safari at Dubai. It is kind a "must to do" here, if you visit Dubai. The programme designed for tourists but it is always fun for residents as well. I do not remember how many times I attended these tours with different reasons and different visitors. I was quite sure about the programme and what to see on last Thursday. This time there was a surprise also for me; falcon show. It was new in the programme, at least not in this way.

first they start to give a brief about falcons and their relationships with owners and the importance for the desert life. then there was a show about how falcon can catch fast moving animals. here in our case, their meal.

Falcons are the fastest creature on the earth. They can reach 320 km/h. they have great vision ability and they hunt. they can only eat 10 - 20 % of their body weight so the owner will get the leftover of hunted animals. That's why falcons are very important for life at dessert. They do not have any emotional connection with owners unlike cat / dog or any other animals. They are more like a fish, as long as you feed them, they will accept you otherwise you are not important for them.
Falcons are very important figure not only in this region also all around the world. You can see the falcon figure on many flags or on banknotes or logos.

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