Monday 10 February 2014

Bugatti & Ferrari !!

Yesterday I posted a picture of cyclists from Tour Dubai. Today another snapshot from the same day. Before cyclist we saw many cars which are opening the way for cyclists. After those security cars we were expecting to see cyclists but before them, there was another group of  Police patrol.

I am not fun of expensive sport cars and I have limited knowledge about them. After I heart "Is that Bugatti?" "Ohh my God it was really Bugatti" from people next to me. I understood Bugatti is more cool than Ferrari :) But no problem Dubai Police Department have them both, plus Bentley behind them and another one. I couldn't recognise what was that.

From the small picture it is difficult to understand but I noticed afterwards, drivers in Ferrari and Bentley were women.

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  1. WOW! what brilliant sharing i like the feature picture of Bugatti & Ferrari :), both expensive cars looking fabulous.
    dubai is dubai
    keep sharing dubai cars info