Friday, 21 November 2014

sunrise at desert

In these days, again I am extra busy. It is quite difficult to take new pictures and share something fresh with you.

Thanks to my archive, I have still unseen and still valid pictures. like this one. : )

It was taken during sunrise at desert.

If you have 4 x 4 car and friends with 4x4 as well, you can go desert for camping by yourself and enjoy sunset, night and sunrise all together.  It is not safe to go only one car or even two cars. Generally people advise to go off road with min 3 4X4 vehicles.

This option doesn't work for me, so I am telling you the easiest way.. go like a tourist.. :))

There are many companies providing safari tours. Most of the package is starting with sand dune ride, quick stop at falcon village and following stop will be for sunset, The tours end with barbecue dinner plus 5 mins stargaze. There are also one option in some safari tour companies. you can combine safari tour with overnight stay at desert. After stargaze instead of returning to the city, you will go to your tent at desert, If you do that, you should wake up very early to enjoy the beauty of sunrise and the calmness at desert.

When ever I have visitors outside from Dubai, I advise them to experience desert safari at least. Plus if they have enough time, overnight stay at desert.

I prefer to go with Arabian Adventures. There are plenty of companies but Arabian adventure is the most professional and the safe one. You can pay extra for the security and their professionalism. You will not regret for that.

PS: posted for Skywatch Friday. you can other contributors from here..


  1. Wow- that is stunning!

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for the recommendation. I'll be in Dubai early next year; would like the overnight safari for the sunrise in the morning.