Sunday, 16 November 2014

ready to board??

Taken at the Creek.
I really like to spent some time and take pictures at this area. It gives the idea of old days of Dubai. Still authentic, and all these goods will export very traditional way even today.


  1. That's very much a working boat, looking at this detail.

  2. The security rules are not the sames as in western countries ...

  3. I see some electronic equipment on the move.

  4. Hi Sharon,
    Yes you are right.. they are electronics.. I saw refrigerator as well once. :)

  5. I walked around there too, and got surprised about how much and heavy stuff these old boats could take.
    I also liked to cross over to the other side of Dubai, with the little passenger boats.
    It was very different to the new and modern Dubai.

    1. Hello Gunn,
      this area always fascinates me. when ever I have visitor from outside Dubai, I took them here to show them this part of Dubai as well. especially crossing the creek with abras is really nice. Thank you stopping by .. have a nice day.