Monday, 10 November 2014

Doors from Jumeirah

This weekend,  I was planning to run with my friends but everyone has another program or just tired and didn't show up.
When I understood that I will be alone this time I took this as an opportunity for "photo walk" instead of regular sport.
Even I took pictures with my mobile they are quite Ok to share here. There were some things always grab my attention while jogging but never had a chance to take a picture. Here we have the first one. Very unique door from Jumeirah area belong to one of villa. It looks like they are not using this door anymore.  This villa rent out as furniture store in these days.I think this door was used in the past when the villa was home for some people.


  1. Even faded and out of use, it's a fascinating pattern!

  2. It's an interesting looking door. It would have caught my eye too.

  3. Old wood doors in arabic countries are often fascinating.