Wednesday, 23 April 2014

O for Owl

An art piece from Art Dubai 2014 

O for Owl. Posted for ABC Wednesday. Please click for more posts for the letter O

Owls are quite famous with their specific shape, and mythical meanings in different cultures. 
it is always interesting for me to see the same thing has different meanings in different culture. 
Owls are one of those things. 
In some culture it is considered as Bad Luck, death or messenger of bad news or upcoming death to you or to your family.
On the other hand, same Owls are considered as luck, wisdom in other cultures. 
in some areas if you see any owl people think that death is nearby but in some cities they are the symbol of the city. 
While preparing this post, I read the short life story about Eric Hosking.  He was one of a few photographers who were able to earn money onyl taking pictures of birds.

The Owl, Eric was trying to take pictures of, brought bad luck and good luck to him. 

Eric was working on photography but he got his real fame after the accident he had with the owl. He lost his left eye while taking a picture of Owl. After this accident, he published a book which called "An Eye for a Bird" 


  1. It's a distinctive statue. We have several types in our part of the world, though more often they're heard but not seen.

  2. very cool piece of art.

    frankly my dear

  3. I love owls. Sorry about Eric's eye (ouch...!)

    O is for...

  4. I love the sculpture. Fascinating post. Carver, ABCW-Team

  5. I kike the lines in this statue.