Sunday 6 April 2014

Middle East Film & Comic Con

The Middle East Film and Comic-Con is one of the region's most anticipated event. This was amazing how people dressed up while they were visiting.

I decided to join my friends' programme at the last minute to visit Comic-con. I was planning to take tickets at the entrance. When we reached to the venue, we just shocked by the crowed. It was nearly impossible to wait for the ticket. Thanks to my friends I entered with their pre-purchased tickets.

MEFCC is the largest popular culture festival in the Middle East, focused on film, TV comic, manga, animation, collectibles and pop art. this is the third season and I believe next year it's gonna be bigger.

I am planning to post from here for next couple of days. It was amazing how people were creative about costumes and the art.


  1. It seems an unusual part of the world to have a comic con in. I am a reader, but I've never been to these conventions, particularly because of the crowds.

    1. Dubai is full of surprises.
      I was not expected to see it in Dubai.