Wednesday 2 April 2014


at the end of February there was an event for sand sculptures at the JBR. I took this picture at that time.

Actually I was planning to post this picture, Unfortunately blogger ruined my picture in somehow.
The exposure was changed and I couldn't post it.
I tried several times; saved in another program, cropped, not cropped, light adjusted or original settings, or save for web devices or even upload the original jpeg with original size and quality. then I gave up with that picture.
then second round stated. I tired another sunset photo, but again, the exposure and lights were changed while I uploaded. at the end of all efforts, I was feeling "confused".

by the way, blogger changed this picture's exposure as well. But I am done for tonight. I will not try 4th picture.
I hope this problem will not continue .. :(
Is there anyone experienced similar problem with Blogger?
cheers - feyza

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