Sunday, 2 November 2014

reflection at Golf Course

I posted several pictures from this same Golf Course.

I took this picture every early in one morning from last week. Just after I had this nice reflection, the wind has started and the reflection was no longer there..

posted for this weekend's theme.. you can reach other blogger's reflection pictures from here


  1. I remember I saw quite a bit from the train windows.
    I did not visit a golf club, but several of the guests at the hotel did, and really enjoyed it.

    1. There are many golf courses in Dubai, I haven't try golf.
      I am lucky with the view, with a zoom lens i can catch this view from the balcony.
      I understand that Golf is really passion for many people. :) I see people playing golf here very early in the morning or late evening both in winter and summer time. Nothing can stops them. :)

  2. What a peaceful place... I'm not a golf fan, but I can imagine myself golfing on that parcours.