Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Paint Parade

While I was leaving the office today, I heard some sounds coming from outside. At first I thought it is a noise from one of construction sites. You know Dubai is still "under construction" :)

Afterwards I realised there is a rhythm in that sound but still couldn't figure out what was that.

When I reached downstairs, on the way to parking area the sound and rhythm  getting closer and closer. I waited for one minute and heyy they are: small group is playing and cheering out and walking all around the Jumeirah Lake Towers. They were not singing, they were not giving any brochures they were not advertising something so still I have no idea what they were doing.

From the way how they dressed, I assume they are related with paint in a way. :)

There were 2 security guys escorting them while they were playing. they are not in the picture. In Dubai playing music in public areas are subject to approval from several authorities.

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