Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Strange Day in Dubai

On Sunday, I was off for the Easter. It is not common holiday in UAE but thanks to our company I enjoy extra free day.
I decided to enjoy this free day for exploring around and taking some pictures.

First I went to police station to correct the insurance number on one report before fun part of the day. I failed. They said it is not possible.

Couple weeks back I saw some real graffiti around Al Quzz Industrial Area, I went over there, drove around up and down. I saw some places I haven't seen before. still I couldn't find that graffiti area.

After double failure, I told myself "No problem. I might not fixed the report or couldn't find the graffiti but there is still interesting things at the JBR." I remember one post on Instagram about Paint Ball Art. it was described that you are shooting with paint ball on a canvas and here you have art. :) It sounds different and it was saying available till 21 st of April. I went JBR just because of that, walked around. and again failure. Nothing was there.

While I was walking I saw some announcement about that day's activity. I looked for that as well I might be looking for that little bit early.

At the end of the day, I couldn't see anything I intended. On the other hand, I enjoyed many other things which I was not expecting to see. Like this new (at least it is new to me) frog statue at JBR. :)


  1. I've had days like that so I can certainly relate! Love the frog!

  2. What an unforeseen day ! That's great !

  3. What a cute & artistic frog statue!
    I would LOVE to have it in my garden:)