Friday 3 April 2015

Sand Storm in Dubai

Yesterday we were living in a naturally sepia world..
When I checked outside from the window, I thought it is fog again. Afterwards I realized it is yellow and not fog.
The sand storm effected the visibility even in the parking area at under ground.
I saw traffic light also in blue colour instead of green. :)
it was totally strange day. I haven't seen this kind (with very fine particles) of sandstorm last 6.5 years.
News says, the sand storm may continue in the region during the weekend.


  1. Awesome. Is this phenomena named "toz" as in Kuwait ?

    1. I am not sure the meaning of "toz" in Arabic but in Turkish it means very very fine particles and it makes things dirty. Maybe we took the word from Arabic and has the similar meaning. in that case, we can use that phenomena also for here :) Thank you for your comment.

    2. Thank you Feyza for your answer ... It seems obvious that the 2 meanings are linked.

  2. I have only been in a sand STORM when visiting Gran Canaria. (Spain)
    It was strange and the electricity went too....
    Well, you got a nice photo out of it.
    Happy weekend!

    1. I agree it is totally strange.
      Luckily our electricity was still with us. I can not imagine Dubai without electricity. office on 27 th floor and over 40 deg.C heat outside
      Thank you

  3. I can see how that can leave one blind.