Sunday, 5 April 2015

Full Moon Desert Drumming

Since I moved to Dubai, I always hear about "Dubai Drums" and their special event in the desert at full moon.
Last couple of years, They were performing at 23rd April Children's Day activities in Dubai and I saw them in action. They are great and full of fun.

This weekend, we decided to go and try their desert drumming. They located in the middle of the desert. Good part is you can reach meeting point with your sedan car, and they are helping you reach to the camp with their 4x4 vehicles. Starting from 18.30 they have drum sessions everybody enjoy the rhythm, starting from the basic and getting more complicated.

It is total fun. They have corporate events with drum circles to strengthen group feeling in the team.
Please click their website and read about how it has started.


  1. Very, very cool. Both the photos and the event. I guess Dubai should be on my bucket list!

    1. To be honest Susan, I wouldn't think to visit Dubai as a tourist before I move to here for work.
      I saw all these beauties afterwards :)
      thank you..

  2. This is done here too. I've seen it done in the city and in the desert. Fun!

    1. We have very common things Sharon here and over there. :)
      It is very nice to hear all those similarities
      Thank you

  3. Quite an unusual, but intriguing setting for music.