Sunday 12 October 2014

Under construction

Saturday early morning I saw this at the beginning of Kite Beach while we were running.

I couldn't pass without taking its picture. thanks to my phone I did.

What I read on the newspaper, they are planning 16 km running path at the beach..
starting from Kite Beach they completed some part, for the rest is still under construction. :)

I wish they would plant some trees alongside the running path. it is quite difficult to run under the crazy sun.

We were running around SAFA Park in the past, its path is fully covered by trees. But this year, there is one big mega project around SAFA Park and going to park is nearly impossible.. of course because of the construction.


  1. The construction equipment really stands out in that setting. Terrific shot!

  2. I love this photo. That piece of equipment looks so out of place in such an idyllic spot.