Monday, 27 October 2014

Diwali in Dubai

I love festive season in Dubai. 
it started with Eid Al Adha now we have Diwali, one of biggest festivals of India. Another name is also "light festival". The actual date was 23rd of October this year.  I was planning to take a picture one of nicely decorated houses last couple of days but I couldn't find an opportunity. 

Finally I took this picture yesterday from parking lot of our building. It is not the best shot, but still shows a bit about celebrations. You can check Diwali for more information.  

Other upcoming celebrations in Dubai are Hallowen, National Day of UAE, Christmas and New Year. Ohh sorry I forgot Islamic New Year, We had also Islamic New Year in this festive season which was on 25th of October. 

Here in Dubai there is always a reason to celebrate something. The most beautiful part is everybody celebrate everything. :)

Happy belated Diwali..