Thursday 12 June 2014

Hope your dream comes true

Yesterday, there was a nice surprise for everybody at our office building.

First I saw a banner on a car. The banner was saying "I wish I was a Porsche" . Of course the car was not a Porsche but budgetary car. I just smiled and try to understand who did that.

Then I saw second car with the banner was "Was it a Carrera or Panamera?" still I was walking and thinking "who and why did this?"

At last I saw this banner. As soon as I saw that, I took my camera to take the picture. : )

Still I have no idea the reason of that.

But it doesn't important at all. The important thing is, I agree with this wish..

 "Hope your dream comes true"


  1. I suppose that also helps somewhat in keeping the interior of the car not get so overheated.