Thursday, 19 June 2014

power lines

While I was looking for one particular picture from archive in 2010, I saw this shot. Then decided to share it here. Even it is old dated picture, these are still there and we can consider that the view is valid. : )

These power lines are main power road of Dubai as well as they are connected with other Emirates.

Energy consumption in UAE is really high. A couple years back, all buildings were in full light even they were occupied or under construction. Starting with recession in 2008, those lights started to turned off one by one. 

Now, there are many campaigns all around the city to reduce energy consumption. Awareness is getting higher on savings. 

For example; In my building, there was one advertisement from the management, which was saying  "Kill the BILL . Management was offering raffle for residents who can make significant save on their water / electricity consumption. 
In addition to this raffle, they have upgraded the lightening system with motion sensors at corridors. 

It is really good to see these kind of initiatives even tough energy consumption is still quite high. 

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  1. A lot of buildings should shut down the lighting particularly at night- when no one's in. It's slowly being done here. Motion based lighting in corridors and in library archives are also a very good idea.