Friday 20 June 2014

reflection through escalator

Last weekend, we went to the Beach for breakfast at one of new places recently opened at The Beach / JBR. On the way back, I noticed this reflection at escalator of underground car park.

The colours were changing constantly.  I spent couple of minutes, at the same spot. At the end security approached and asked me, "I really couldn't understand. What is there to be photographed?"

It was obvious that I was not security threat and the question was just coming from the curiosity. :) After I showed him the picture, he really liked it.

Taking a picture in public may disturb many people in everywhere, but here in Dubai, it is more sensitive. Sometimes, people may smile at you while you are taking picture sometimes they may stopped you, even if you were concentrate on something else, they may claim that you were taking their pictures which they are not approve.

It happened couple of times and the only solution is showing them what was taken and in case if they were in the frame by mistake, delete those pictures in front of their eyes. I would not take any risk on that kind a situation.

posted for weekend reflection.


  1. Nice one, terrific perspective!

  2. Wonderful color in here. Strong photo.

  3. What a great image, love the colour and the perspective


  4. Nice colours!

    I haven't been in that kind of situation, but there really aren't those kind of rules here.

  5. Such a colourful reflection... well done

  6. This is brilliant, I love the colors. I'm glad the guard understood. Some people are very paranoid about being photographed.