Wednesday, 5 March 2014

the highest building: Burj Khalifa

World's highest building; Burj Khalifa.
height: 828 m
floors: 163
"the worlds highest building" is not the only title of Burj Khalifa, for other world records of the building can check its page in wikipedia.

It is definitely a masterpiece of Engineering, every-time I visit observatory deck, I admire the engineering and how great the project it is.
On the other hand, every time I see this building from distance, I wonder "Why?"

posted for today's theme of ABC Wed.
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  1. Very futuristic looking. I wonder what the view from the top is like?

    1. View from the top is really nice. from that height, all buildings look like a small scale of model.
      earlier I posted one picture from the observatory deck earlier but title was "the Address Downton Dubai Hotel".
      I post once more today for you. Today's view is looking at another direction. thanks for your comments.

  2. The Height of that building is amazing.
    I guess I wonder why too.
    Maybe it's just because they can.

  3. Almost looks like a space ship waiting for launch!

    abcw team