Sunday 9 March 2014


I was preparing another post for today, but suddenly I heart sound from fireworks. I do not know the exact reason why it was for. Actually I don't care the reason, I always enjoy the view. :)

I know it is very harmful for birds and environment still I cant stop myself to watched them like hypnotised.

Today, sky was hazy. Even I didn't try to take a couple of shots. I remembered this picture from the same point but in a better weather. I changed my mind and I decided to post this one.

It was my first attempt to catch fireworks and as you can understand easily; without tripod, the success was limited.

Still I like this shot. I wanted to post particularly this one, Even it is not matched with general understanding of "fireworks photography"

I hope you will like it too.


  1. Looks great. I know DUBAI had a great firework on New Years Eve..... but they might have many other good reasons to celebrate something else too.

    1. I know those fireworks on New Years Eve, they are amazing. I think the last one even had the Guinness world record. I missed them last couple of years. I was visiting my home country during holiday season.
      Thank you for your comment,
      warm regards from Dubai.