Thursday 27 March 2014

Al Satwa

One of the most visited and interesting area of Dubai; Al Satwa.
Al Satwa is located south west of Bur Dubai and just parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road. There are plenty of shops and cafes which are offering different things for different needs.

You can buy plants for your garden or jewellery for your partner or paint for your house or tire for your car or frame for your favourite art piece or furniture. If you want to built/repair something you can find all necessary tools or you can buy second hand sewing machine or fabric for your wedding dress, ect. If you need anything, just go to Satwa, for sure you will find it, plus it will be much cheaper than fancy shopping malls.

With this variety, Al Satwa deserves "the most interesting place to visit in Dubai" title. At first glance you can not expect that. Here you can see one narrow street, workers at laundry in a short break.
The view from the street looks like contradicting with the image of Dubai but if you are living here, it is just Dubai.

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