Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Fountain show

This week,I have visitors from my home.  We started to tour Dubai like a newbie tourist in town.
Our first stop is Burj Khalifa & Dubai Mall. Of course dancing fountain one of my favorites.  Every half an hour the song and the choreography is changing.  Tonight we saw 4 different show.  the first one was Thriller by Michael Jackson, second one was Arabic song, third one was Indian, the fourth one, Ooo ı do not remember the last one.  I was trying to catch this post. Not the best but really good one from my mobile.
This week, I think I will post only pictures from my mobile pictures. 


  1. YES, this is one of the places we visited! It was fantastic!!!
    Enjoy having friends visiting you!
    I like the way you composed this image.

  2. The dancing fountains really are marvelous!

  3. It's fun to be a tourists in the town you work in. Love the dancing fountain.