Friday 1 May 2015

CDP Theme Day: Revolution

This month's theme is Revolution. I fount it bit difficult to find proper subject.

In Dubai we have the biggest, longest, highest ...est many things but I couldn't call for the first time ever or invention or having a big step can be considered as revolution.

I google it "Dubai revolution" I found this website called themselves "Revolution Cycles"
Sorry but this is all I got this month from Dubai for the theme.

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  1. Oh,m but this is a proper theme. Nothing says REVOLUTION than the wheels an spokes on a bike!

  2. The bike works just right for the theme!

  3. A good theme day post.

  4. Well when you think how many millions of cyclist's wheels around d the world are revolving even as I type Feyza, this is the perfect image for the theme, nice work.