Thursday 26 March 2015

the scene club: Four Lions

The Scene Club is the first independent non-profit film club in UAE. Founded in 2007 and since then, they are growing rapidly. Till 2015, there was screening monthly basis. After getting more popular, this year, they increased the number of screening up to twice in a month. In Feb we had a chance to watch Argentinian movie  "Wild Tales"  about 6 short stories, kind a black comedy. We loved it a lot.

This month's screen was also comedy but more dram and crime involved. It is  Four Lions about 4 incompetent British Jihadists. While watching we laugh most of parts thinking it is caricatured but the sad part is, most of those scenes were real in some how.


  1. There are independent film societies here as well. One holds private screenings a couple of times a month in the rep theatre in my area.

  2. I really do enjoy independent films. I think I would enjoy this very much.