Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Emirates Post

Every country has their own mailing system. Also United Arab Emirates has one, called "emirates post"
 I see these red letter boxes many places, Even I like their looks, I haven't tried them. I have no idea how to find stamp,

Some of my friends were using happily, were saying it works very well,
some other friends were saying tried once, that's enough. no need for the second.

I only received mails from Europe it was working well. If you are not in urgency and want to have some nostalgia, it is good to try it.


  1. Replies
    1. In Turkey, we had them in yellow.
      not sure if they are still in yellow or has changed.

  2. I might have to send a post card from there if/when I visit Dubai.

    1. That might be good idea. Would be good to see you here, if you visit Dubai.

  3. I like your photo ... I think it would be a good theme for the 1st of any month : letter box of your country ... just an idea ...