Saturday 13 December 2014

Nearby Sky

Dubai International Film Festival has started officially on Wednesday. Starting from Thursday I am trying to attend all movies which are suit my timing.

Today,  I want to share this picture from the Q&A section of local documentary called Nearby Sky. directed by Nujoom Al Ghanem, You can see her as second left on the picture. I couldn't take better one, I didn't want to interrupt anyone during Q&A, wanted to wait till end but I couldn't wait that much :)

The movie is about Fatima Ali Al Hameli. She is UAE's first Emirati women camel owner to enter her camel in the country's camel beauty competition and participate camel auctions. in the picture she is standing in the middle, next to her son.

She has really strong personality. She knows what she wants to do, and working hard for that.
If you watch the trailer from here, You will have an idea about her character and the documentary itself.

"a daughter of men, challenges men, I am a wolf, and they are wolves, by God's will, I'll eat them" these are her words about man who rejects her participations to auctions, competitions ect. In the documentary also we could see what man thinks about her ambition.

Some of them rejects totally, Some of them accept but with conditions "OK. She can participate but it is not nice to stand here by herself among all other man, She can appoint someone on behalf of her,"

Some of them are just surprised and don't know how to response, The answer from them is like "it has never been done by women, this is the first time, of course she can do it, but why?"

Even her sons learnt that she was in one of auction from TV, after the first shock they support her and wish all the best for her. She has support from local media, she has a lot of fan from everywhere. I checked her account right now, she has around 1.2K followers on Instagram. I guess, after this documentary number of her fans will be increased.

She married on the age 15, She never went to school, can not read right now. Her assistant read for her. What she says, "we didn't have a right to go to school earlier, thanks to Sheik Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan we have rights now.. " Now, she wants to use all her rights and challenges the traditional mindset.

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