Wednesday 3 December 2014

2nd of December National Day

Yesterday (2nd of December) was holiday due to the 43rd anniversary of UAE. 7 Emirates decided to be in a union in 1971.
There were many different activities for National Day, even one week before

I noticed these flags only yesterday morning. I learned that they were on the Kite beach last couple of days.
Many people were trying to take their pictures as a remembrance, Some kids were playing hide and seek in this field. Even some people were just sitting under the shade and enjoying the wind.
In these days, weather is windy. We may have some rain as well, not heavy rain, maybe a few drops. : )
It looks so patriotic at first but I like the Idea how people interact with this exhibit.


  1. I like the contrast between the bright flags, the sand, and the sky. Beautiful shot!

  2. It makes a beautiful photograph.