Friday, 27 February 2015

Shisha at lunch break

Yesterday, I was in hurry while leaving the house and I decided to upload the post from my mobile with the freshly taken pictures.. I did this in the past as well, but yesterday the system or the mobile didn't work well, I noticed today that post still hanging in my mobile and nothing posted yesterday.

Yesterday, we went to Dubai International Financial Centre to take some pictures. Unfortunately security came and ask for the permission. When we replied, we are taking photos as hobby nothing commercial or editorial shoot. still, they said OK with your mobile but for DSLR you need to get permission from the office on 14th floor which was closed for the weekend. While walking around I saw this cafe, they had many shisha waiting for customers. This area is business district, it was quite empty at weekend, for sure it will be busy during week day


  1. Reminds me some koweiti souvenirs ...

  2. Those aren't seen very often here. Quite colourful!