Sunday, 18 January 2015

Emirati Burqa - Rehlatna

Another details from World's longest graffiti scroll.

Here we see local lady with traditional face mask. It is called Emirati Burqa. Not to be confused with the head to toe blue cover used in Afghanistan. The Emirati Burga is a traditional metallic coloured cloth used to cover only some part of the face. I found one interview with Burqa Maker in UAE explaining different styles from different cities and how to do it,, ect.

You can not see the whole mask here in this detail. This mask doesn't cover all the face, it goes down only to the upper lips.

Before read about Burqa, I was sure that it is not related with the religion but comes from the culture. Which is true, I had good guess.  I was also thinking it may coming from the desert climate conditions. I was wrong on this part. :)

According to one blog that I found, it comes from falcon.

It was designed to imitate the falcon's feature, as the falcon has always been a symbol of elegance, pride and power in the Gulf countries.

In public, you see elderly women only wear this burqa. The mask is not much popular among young generation nowadays.

Posted for Monday Mural.


  1. Very eye catching. The artist really brings out expression in the eyes.

  2. beautiful and i like how you captured the couple in the photo :)

  3. The artist demonstrated how the veil highlights the eyes. A strong image. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.