Tuesday, 19 August 2014

festival city, summer surprises

This is the main gallery of the Festival City. Many people watching the show on the stage.
To take visitors attention, there are some short shows time to time.


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  2. Oh wow, another connection to Phoenix in this photo. That Cold Stone Creamery was also started here in Arizona. In fact, the guy who started it is running for Governor of this state right now. Just between you and me, I'm not voting for him. His politics run counter to mine.

    1. ohh this is the second brand came from Arizona.. : )
      Here in Dubai around 80% of population is from outside UAE from every country.
      This variety on population also brings the variety on restaurants and brands. It is possible to find different local taste here, from Vietnam, to Belgium, or Sweden to South Africa.
      good luck with the new election... I guess politicians are quite same everywhere.
      BTW there is no election here. It is Monarchy : )

  3. The acoustics in there must be pretty good to have a performance space there.