Tuesday, 6 May 2014

driving in Desert

Today I noticed that I posted very few photos from desert, even though we are living in it. So we have it one more.

When you are living in a city like Dubai, you can not understand that you are in desert unless there is sand storm.

the best activity for tourist in Dubai is Desert Safari. in this way people can understand how & where the city build from. also it is good experience to being in desert and appreciate the nature.

in fact, safari / desert is not just for tourists, I enjoy going to desert even after 5 years.

unfortunately it is not easy to go off-road by yourself.

well maintained 4 x 4 vehicle. (min 2 cars but preferably 3 or more)
very skilled drivers, - because of the wind, the ground and sand may change so rapidliy.
enough water - even if you are going in winter time, with AC, water has high importance always.
GPS device - you might want to return to home :)

or you can buy a ticket from one of tour operators.

we had a company gathering last month, kind of team building activity. They arrange it with professional tour operators, which was more safe.
Lucky me! I was sitting at the rear seat. it was not comfortable for the ride but it was acceptable for taking pictures.


  1. The writer in me is fascinated by the hazards of the deserts of the world. Beautiful shot!

  2. I have been on one trip like this.Fun!