Tuesday, 20 May 2014

details from Shisha

Sisha or Nargile what ever you called for it, it is the same. one of the most popular thing in the region.

You can see Nargila at nearly everywhere at restaurant, cafe or one open air bar at one of luxurious hotel or in a shopping mall.

In these days the weather is still nice, We can spent time outside. Actually for shisha lovers, there is no limitation from the weather. Many places allow to smoke shisha even indoor. I do only like it when I took photographs of it.
People love it so much, and part of their daily routine. Some prefers only evenings after dinner, some can take it any time even early in the morning before going to office.


  1. I haven't heard the term before, but I've no doubt seen pics from the area with it going on. Nice closeup shot.

    1. surely, it will be here time to time.
      you can see the whole shisha thing from here. http://dubai-dailyphotoblog.blogspot.ae/2014/02/shisha.html
      also I remember one picture from comic-con about superman, he was smoking shisha and its called 'super habibi'.
      thank you